Metal Signage Monterey SalinasYou take pride in your company and you want it to show. You want your company’s sign to make a statement. A sign communicates the name of your company, of course, but also so much more. A quality, custom sign shows you know the value of quality work attention to detail and you value your reputation. This will translate to how you treat your customers and business partners. You want a sign that will show strength, longevity, quality, and success for your company. A custom business sign from skilled sign makers can embody your company’s ethos A custom fabricated metal sign from Signs by Van can help you do just that.

We can fabricate custom metal business signs for Agriculture, Wineries, Real Estate, Medical Facilities, Law Offices, and more.

Benefits of Metal Signs

Metal signs are long lasting, and they tend to age gracefully with your property and your company’s exterior structure. A sign made from metal will not warp or crack like a wood one can after it has been guiding customers to your company for a decade or two. When you choose metal, you’ll have a form of advertisement that will remain in fashion for many years.

Types of Metal Signs

Various types of metals are used to form business signage. The most popular materials include:

  • Aluminum
  • Plate Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Dibond
  • Alumalite

Aluminum is one of the most commonly used sign materials. In some ways, aluminum signs are an industry standard. Customized signs can be made from aluminum, and the material is available in various thickness levels. With our in-house metal fabrication tools, we can form it into different shapes, styles, and sizes.

Plate Steel is an excellent choice for abrasive conditions. Commonly used in the construction of buildings and ship hulls, it can withstand the harshest of environments.

Stainless steel signs can easily earn confidence and respect for your customers or visitors. The look, feel and strength of stainless steel cannot be duplicated.

Dibond is a popular material choice for signs because of its durability. To make the material, manufacturers place two exterior aluminum sheets on either side of a polyethylene core. This increases the material’s ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Alumalite is a sign material that is durable and corrugated. Since it features two slender aluminum sheets, the material is lightweight. This formation makes it easy to install, but it can also withstand severe exterior elements.

Let Them Know Where You Stand

From Paso Robles to Monterey and Santa Cruz, our metal signs will blend in with your community. They are able to withstand tough environmental conditions including heavy humidity, baking sun, and rain. Metal signs are cost effective, customizable and forever in fashion.

Metal Signage Monterey Salinas
Metal Signage Monterey Salinas

Metal Signage Monterey Salinas