Here at Signs by Van, we are the top-rated sign makers in Contra Costa County. Our experts have years of experience creating all kinds of custom signs for all kinds of businesses, homes, and occasions. If you’re considering custom sign fabrication from Signs by Van, then we encourage you to research us, visit our sign company, and meet the people who are responsible for creating your custom signage. Our shop is open to clients and visitors – come visit and watch the process in person! Our goal is to make a custom sign that embodies your unique nature, specifically one that will stand the test of time. Among the many types of signs we make are carved wooden signs, metal signs, and dimensional signage and lettering. Our signs will help your business stand out from the crowd.

“Custom” is often thrown around to add value to a product that, in most cases, is just a generic product. Signs by Van provides custom sign fabrication and an award winning design team that truly understands that time and effort spent on concept and design is what will make the difference in your final product. We feel that it is important that 95% of all final products are made in-house by local artists and our local affiliates – not outsourced out of state or country!

SIgns by Van has been featured and published in Signs of the Times and Sign Builder Illustrated, which are international publications dedicated to the advancement of state of the art sign industry standards and innovation in compelling signage. We are partnered with sign material powerhouse Duna USA, who have made us their flagship company for the advancement of their custom sign building products. The signs that we build in Contra Costa County are of the highest quality and are expected to last and age with grace.

No matter what kind of sign you’re looking for, the experts at Signs by Van can help design, create, and install it for you. We can create things like custom wall murals, dimensional lettering, iron fabrication, sandblasting signage, and much more.

If you’re interested in custom signage in Contra Costa County, then we’re the custom sign fabrication company for you. Contact Signs by Van to get started on your custom sign today.