Paint-and-Sip events have taken the country by storm. Not only are they fun and great for things like team building or date nights, but they also give you a memory to take home, admire, and show off to guests. However, after a few visits, the process becomes a bit repetitive. That’s why we here at Signs By Van, the top-rated custom sign maker in California, have created our own kind of Paint-and-Sip activity. We call ours Wine & Sign, and in today’s blog we’ll go over a few groups who will have the most fun at one of our events. Keep reading to find out more about our Wine & Sign events and see how one can benefit you.

What Is Wine & Sign?

Much like a Paint-and-Sip, Wine & Sign combines creating a beautiful work of art while sipping on some of your favorite wine. Paint-and-Sips have you and other groups or individuals gather in a room and paint a picture on a provided canvas. There’s usually a theme or picture that everyone in the group is tasked with emulating, but you’re usually free to paint whatever it is you like. Instructions are given on how to paint your picture while materials and utensils are abundant to help everyone complete their portraits.

Signs By Van created our Wine & Sign events to be similar to this model, but instead of making a picture, you’ll create a custom sign. Our master sign makers will instruct you on what to do, what do use, and proper sign making techniques to help you create a sign you’ll proudly display for the world to see. You’ll have the freedom to create any kind of sign you want, and of course you’ll be provided with great tasting wine throughout the event. Because these events will have alcohol, everyone must be 21 or older in order to participate.

Who Will Love Wine & Sign

1 – Soon-to-be-wedsperson carving on black wood plank

Are you recently engaged? Want a custom wooden sign to display at your wedding? Make your own at one of our Wine & Sign events! Not only can you make a custom wedding sign, but you’ll have a great time with the person you love at the same time. Our master sign craftsmen will teach you everything you need to make that beautiful metal sign you’ve always wanted for your big day. Put your names on it, the date, and any other designs to make the sign truly yours and something you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives.

2 – Small Business Owners

If you own a small business but don’t have a custom sign, then making your own is the best way to not only fill a need for your company, but also have fun while you do it. Our custom sign makers will teach you the best way to make a custom sign for your storefront or for the side of the road in order to attract more people to your location. Bring a copy of your logo and we can even help you paint, stain, or decorate your sign to match. You’ll love it, because not only do you get an amazing sign for your business, but you get to do it yourself.

3 – People Tired Of Paint-and-Sips

Fads come and go, and if you’ve been to a Paint-and-Sip, chances are you’ve been to all of them. You paint a picture, you have some wine, you make some jokes about Picasso, all the while trying to hide your inability to paint, especially after a few glasses of Pinot. But after your second or third Paint-and-Sip, chances are your drunken long strokes are starting to actually resemble that mountainside of tulips or moonlit ocean. But at this point you’ll be so bored with them that you’ll be looking for some other artsy activity to do while you drink.

At Signs By Van, you’ll be able to make one of the coolest signs you’ve ever seen the very first time you visit. Each time you come in you can create a different sign, whether it’s for you, a gift for someone else, or for that start-up company of yours that finally took off. Wine & Sign uses similar aspects to Paint-and-Sip, but ultimately breaks the mold with an unlimited amount of opportunities and options thanks to our master craftsmen who help you every step of the way.

So if you’re looking to create custom signage in Salinas, or you just want something fun to do, come on in to a Wine & Sign put on by Signs By Van. Book your spot at your next Wine & Sign today. And if you’re looking for a custom sign for your business in California, we are more than happy to help. We service all from San Francisco to San Diego, and everyone in between. Learn more about Signs By Van, view our gallery of custom signs to see our past projects, or contact Signs By Van in Salinas to answer any questions and get your free quote today.