Signs by Van is your one stop shop for everything signs. With over 30 years of sign experience, we are confident that no matter what the need, we can deliver!

Signs & Signage Service in Salinas, CA


When you need to boost your on-the-ground marketing, a custom sign from Signs by Van can be just the fuel you need for your brand. Whether it’s a custom carved business sign to bring pedestrian tourists into your seaside bistro or a metal sign for your business park, Signs by Van can be your partner in getting just the right sign for your needs. We custom make every kind of sign across the spectrum. Our in-house artisans combine traditional skills with the latest technology to create the highest quality signs possible. We create carved signs, which are painted with the highest quality paints that will last for decades. From smaller dimensional signs for restaurant or vineyards to large scales signs or metal signs for roof tops or sides of buildings, we make signs that will help your business stand out from the crowd and embody your brand. If you are looking for a sign for your beach house or your family home, we can design that, too. Wedding signs are the newest addition to our sign family, and our custom wedding signs can really add a special touch to your big day. Big or small, carved or forged, a custom business sign from Signs by Van can put your marketing plan over the top.