Signs by Van has been producing dimensional lettering and custom signs for over 20 years. A high-quality, readable sign pops out and creates a visual effect for viewers. The effect of this type of lettering makes all the difference between good signage and great signage. It awakens the visual interests of potential clients and makes your brand stand out from the rest. New technology makes dimensional lettering easier to produce. We strongly encourage clients to add that extra dimension that makes your sign really stand out from the everyday monotonous non-dimensional signage. Check out our portfolio and see how dimensional lettering adds the “wow” effect to your sign. When you work with Signs by Van, your custom sign and lettering will be created by our experienced, in-house artisans. We never farm our work out to others and this is just one way we ensure that a custom sign from Signs by Van is the best you can get and will stand the test of time.