The classic and elegant tradition of gold leafing is a method used to embellish a project and make it brighter, shiny, and very attractive. Signs by Van follows the same traditional process of leafing that dates back hundreds of years: We use slow size and wait until the moment is just right to leaf the project. The slow sizing, while more time consuming, guarantees the best results, making the gold look optimally brilliant and highly reflective. Our method also saves customers in the long run. A well-made gold leafing project will last an average of 15 to 20 years. Other companies use a 3-hour quick sizing method that diminishes the quality and durability of the final project. Trust our expert detailers at Signs by Van, and you will see the difference. A well-made gold leaf embodies professionalism, creativity, and elegance.

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Whether you’re looking for a custom restaurant sign, vineyard sign, or any kind of business sign, the custom signage fabricators at Signs by Van can make it for you. We specialize in creating breathtaking signs for any and all types of businesses. Whether it’s wood signage, metal signage, dimensional lettering, murals, or more, we can make it for you here at Signs by Van. We also serve business both big and small, from San Diego all the way up to San Francisco and everywhere in between. Contact Signs by Van today to answer any questions and get started on your custom gold leafing sign.

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