IMG_8342_sizedJust to the west of Santa Cruz is Soquel. Living by the Monterey Bay has is perks and the fabulous weather and the warm and interesting people are just two of them. The businesses are surely another and Signs by Van are happy to serve business who serve others. Our custom signs can help your brand identity grow through recognition and through increased business. We design and create all the dimensional wooden or metal signs in-house, with our artisans being involved every detail-oriented step of the way. We never farm out our business. With Signs by Van, you get a custom sign, not a sign procured by a sign broker. We also make wedding signs, and signs for your home.

Signs by Van is and has been the premier custom sign company for all of your signage needs in Soquel. We are a firm believer that the proof of quality is in your portfolio. Signs by Van’s work can be seen all over Central California and throughout the United States. We encourage our new clients to do your research, visit the sign shop, and meet the people who are responsible for branding your logo for your business frontage. Our shop is open to clients and visitors – come visit and watch the process in person!

Unfortunately, in this day and age, the word “Custom” is thrown around to add value to a product that in most cases, is a “cookie cutter” product. Signs by Van provides an award winning design and custom sign fabrication team that truly understands that time and effort spent on concept and design, will make the difference in your final product. We feel that it is important that 95% of all final products are made in-house by local artists and our local affiliates – not outsourced out of state!

Signs of the Times and Sign Builder Illustrated are international publications dedicated to the advancement of state of the art sign industry standards and innovation in compelling signage. Signs by Van is constantly approached by these publications for new and upcoming projects. We are partnered with sign material powerhouse Duna USA who have made us their flagship company for the advancement of their products. The signs that we build in Soquel are of the highest quality and are expected to last and age with grace.

Signs by Van offers; Sandblasted Signs, Routed Signs, Electrical Signs, Metal Signs, Murals, Carved Signs, Personal Signs, Design, Gold Leafing, Business Signs, Winery Signs, Restaurant Signs, Agricultural Signs, Large Scale Signage, Iron and Bracket Fabrication, Wedding Décor, City Permit Services and many other boutique services in Soquel.

Signs by Van plays a huge part in supporting our local companies and charities both financially and in manpower support. We know that our clients here in Soquel have benefited greatly from the professional attention we input into every project.