1. Artwork or Advertisement?

    As Monterey County’s Top Rated® Local sign company, we have served as the professional sign making company for businesses throughout Salinas, California and Monterey County. What many people don’t know about Signs By Van is that making signs is more than an advertisement tool, it’s art and it…Read More

  2. Simple Signs Make A Big Impact

    It’s true what they say, people—especially consumers—rely on striking visuals in order to get our attention. Businesses everywhere have been well aware of how consumers operate, which is why there is such a thing as branding and business signage. The problem is that signs are everywhere. There…Read More

  3. Traditional Signs vs Electric Signs

    Have a new business you want to get off the ground? Finally looking into getting that custom sign for your established company? Studies have shown that businesses with signs stand out and get more traffic than those without signs. But what kind of sign is better for your business? The debate boils d…Read More

  4. corafoam signage

    Welcome to Signs by Vans Blog

    Nothing grabs attention better than well designed business signage. Expertly crafted 3-dimensional signs speak volumes about a company, particularly as to its professionalism. Anyone can produce a storefront or street-view sign, but products that have been carefully engineered to stand out while at …Read More