Planning your customs business sign project can be a bit daunting whether this is your first or tenth time doing so. At Signs by Van we understand that by fulfilling a customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations, we will have a client for life. Our company is here to assist you when you determine your needs and inspire you to market your company to its full potential through signage and other marketing abilities. A custom business sign works as your marketing partner by communicating to potential customers and by helping new and old customers find you. A custom sign from Signs by Van can help you stand out from the crowd. Give us a call today and we’d be happy to walk you through the process.

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Steps to getting started

  1. Start with a Free Site Survey
  2. Determine your signage needs or wants
  3. Determine budget
  4. Complete design process
  5. City Approval
  6. Fabrication
  7. Installation

Our Design Process

  1. Meet with client
  2. Determine if client has artwork or if they need a new design.
  3. Determine budget
  4. Design the signage to meet your budget
  5. Make design adjustments if needed, i.e. Color, Size, Shape, etc.
  6. Finalize design
  7. Apply for city approval
  8. Produce signage
  9. Install

City Planning

City codes are the guide for determining what signage is allowed for individual businesses along with multi-tenant sign programs. Here at Signs by Van we offer City Planning Services, we’ll submit all designs for approval over the counter or, take them before the ARC, (Architectural Review Committee) if required. Additional fees may apply.

Facade Improvement 

Sometimes it’s not enough to just have a nice looking sign for your business. When you decide that there is a greater need for exposure or to create the right look, a facade improvement may be the answer. This could be as simple as a new paint job on the building, adding architectural elements, or even adding art to the facade in a way that it is not considered or limited by the city codes. Even perhaps new landscaping can be designed to complement the sign program.

Multi-Tenant Sign Programs

Some cities require Multi-tenant Sign Programs for buildings with more than one tenant to keep clutter and a hodge-podge of business signage from springing up.

Building owners or managers can hire us to develop and design this program so that each tenant will have equal ability to have proper signage. Call Signs by Van today for more information.

Sign Installation

Properly installing a beautiful sign is as important as creating the sign. A well-placed sign, with proper posts, metal bracketry, individual monuments or placement on buildings is crucial to the sign’s effectiveness and how well it lasts in the environment. We have thorough knowledge of all forms of installation and have the California Contractors License and Insurance to cover this service.

Sign Placement Marketing 

When we are contacted by you, the client, it is helpful to have a photo of your location along with a general idea of what you are looking for. If you cannot provide that, we will be happy to do a site survey and take measurements to determine the right placement of your sign. You will have two types of traffic: pedestrian and vehicular. There are rules for proper design for which one will be the most effective in marketing your product or service

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