No matter how many times we’re told to never judge a book by its cover, snap judgments are how most people decide where to eat, which stores to shop at, and what neighborhoods to drive through. Making improvements to your business facade can up your foot traffic, improve your customer reviews, and increase the value of your business, without necessarily breaking your budget.

Adding a few minor touches to the exterior of your business can pay off in big ways.

Ultimately, the best way to get customers is by having people drive by, notice your store, and think “I’d like to visit that store”. Customers decide quickly if they want to visit a business or not, and adding improvements such as a beautiful custom sign  can help potential customers decide to drop in rather than passing your business by. Besides being a conversation piece, a spiffy sign can make your business seem more classy, more fun, or even more serious, depending on the ascetic you choose. Adding other facade upgrades such as molding, paint, and landscaping can further increase the positive reactions to your place of business, and make customers more likely to visit your store. Remember, your business facade is your first impression. Strive to make it a good one!


Not every customer just walks by and decides to drop in, however. Many, if not most, will first check online reviews or use a search engine to find your store.

Having an impressive facade displayed online will present the best side of your business on the largest advertisement platform possible, the internet. While some businesses try to pad their online presence, the fact is that passersby will snap pictures and they will end up on the internet whether you want them to or not. Why not put your businesses best face forward? As potential customers browse for keywords relating to your business, they’ll see the beauty of your facade rather than less than favorable images and are more likely to remember your business, visit it, recommend it to others, and review it online, therefore making others interested in visiting your store and increasing your overall customer traffic.


Making even minor improvements to your building can greatly increase the equity of your property before any of your new customers even appear.

It’s easy to add a lot of bang for your buck when you consider minor renovations, such as paint, bathroom improvements, and signage. The investment returns are impressive when you consider the equity increases plus the increased customer traffic. While this benefit isn’t always immediately apparent, it can open doors for your business with banks, investors, and other financial institutions.

Overall, facade improvement can benefit your business greatly. Minor paint, landscaping, and custom signs have the potential to make your business a leader in the industry, and improve public opinion of your business.