Future brides and grooms have a lot of things to consider when planning their upcoming wedding. While they may be over-the-moon happy about the their children’s engagement, most parents have a great deal of worry regarding these upcoming nuptials too. Unfortunately, much of this stress stems from the cost of throwing a wedding. Here is where innovative thinking holds the key to a beautiful, classy and unique wedding day.

Weddings are costly

One of the main factors driving up the cost of a wedding reception comes from keeping up with a theme. It doesn’t matter whether one envisions a traditional sit-down dinner held indoors or a hopping Wild West buffet held on a ranch. Trying to be innovative comes with a price tag. Add an official Wedding Planner, and your budget has just jumped up by leaps and bounds. This is where working directly with a vendor is your greatest ally in the quest to conserve your much needed funds.

Beautiful professional signage saves budgets and time

Ironically, few people remember to consult a company that designs original signs. This is where creativity and ingenuity truly pays off. Take a moment to think of all the places where signage is needed during a wedding reception. Especially on the most important day of your life, home-made signs simply will not do. You’ll need:

. To post numbers on all the tables
. Signs with directions to such places as the coat room, parking and restrooms
. Elegant custom made signs to adorn buffet and dessert tables
. Signs with thoughtful sentiments used as decorations throughout the room and
along hallway corridors

Romantic designs and ideas

One novel idea that has been presented online suggests a way to give a romantic appeal to any rustic setting. Take a pair of doors that guests have to walk through on their way to ceremony or reception area. Above these doors, post a sign with an inspirational message. You could use a line from a poem or lyrics from a much beloved song. Each door could also sport the names of the happy couple, along with the wedding date. All who pass through this portal will remember how special they feel for years to come.

Gifts for your bridal party and guests

Custom designed signs also make wonderful give-away gifts. Members of the bridal party or groomsmen appreciate signs with their names. These can later be used both at home or at a workplace. Guests will also enjoy finding a small sign with their name as a sincere “thank you” for their attendance.

Pick your own theme, color scheme and style

For that person working with a thematic design or color scheme, custom designed signs can be painted and decorated in any color. Depending upon your desires, the choices are nearly endless:

. A beach wedding can be reflected with an ocean blue theme
. A selection of perfectly peach lettering to match the bridesmaids’ gowns
. Metallic colors of bronze and silver impart a sense of royalty in any room
. A wedding during the holiday season embellished with gold and forest green undertones