Starting a business is a stressful and task intense endeavor, but during the herculean effort of getting your company up and running, don’t forget the importance of selecting the right business sign. In fact, a creative, eye-catching sign can give your company an edge over the competition. Just because a design works on a business card doesn’t mean the same design will work on a sign. 3-dimensional sign design is a specialized area and is not necessarily the same as a design for your printed materials.

What we are seeing out there is that existing signs are worn, moldy or need re-painting because they are not readable from the road and the type is too small or blends in with the background. If you’ve been in business for a while, consider updating your business structure’s appearance with a new sign. However, be sure to maintain your brand, logo or signature colors to avoid confusing your current client base.

Also note that signs that are stunning works of art become “landmarks” and can create a buzz on social networks with people visiting your business then tweeting them or posting them on Facebook.

Sign Benefits

Your main sign is the silent seller of your business. Keep in mind that exterior signs capture the attention of your future customers, and they distinguish your company from other businesses in the area. A sign can be a fundamental element of your marketing strategy, and it is an affordable way to advertise. When your sign includes your business’s logo, it will reinforce your brand. Exterior signs are visible at every hour of the day and every day of the year. Therefore, their influence is ongoing.

Mounting Tips

Exterior signs can be mounted in the ground or on your building. If your company’s location is more convenient to drivers, it may be best to ground mount the main sign near the roadway to interest motorists. When potential customers are more likely to spot your company while strolling around a shopping district, install a business-mounted sign.

Sign Selection Tips

Work with a sign designer to create a message that is clear and concise but makes a memorable first impression. When your business’s sign includes a graphic presentation of your company, it will become a familiar image to your returning customers. Make sure your sign is:

• Straightforward
• Easy to read from a distance
• Appealing

Your company’s sign should feature the name of your business as well as a logo or a short list of your most popular products. Select an oversized model to ensure that people can see it easily while shopping in the area or driving by your company. Take advantage of the sign company’s artisans by using their creative talents to develop a design that includes a striking color or mixture of colors. The right color combination will make your sign stand out from your building’s background or the street. A high end sign company will use relevant lettering and design that speak to potential customers, with added graphics and short messages where appropriate foot traffic warrants. By using dimensional lettering and graphics, your sign will really come to life after the sun goes down with professional lighting.

Customized Signs

A company that makes one-of-a-kind signs uses a variety of methods to develop them. For instance, they hire skilled craftsmen and designers to form a sign by sandblasting or carving an intricate picture or lettering into a wood base, stone or sign foam. Other materials can also be used for the sign base. Bas-relief is a different development option that makes the design appear raised. When you commission your sign through a specialized company, the finished product will be detailed and professional. The right sign will establish a theme for your business, and it will create interest in your products or services.

Subsequent Care

Once your sign is installed, be sure to maintain it to give your customers the best impression of your company. As a business owner, you’ll want your sign to be a part of your company’s brand. Often, after a company has been operating for a while, the owners become busy and the sign can become a low priority. Avoid this situation because worn signs or burned out bulbs can cause new customers to seek products and services from other suppliers.

Some Final Thoughts

With a new personalized storefront sign, you can create a visual experience for your customers. Signs give them insight into the offerings of your company as well as the quality of your merchandise. To outshine your competitors and draw people in to your business, consider commissioning a customized sign.

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