Nothing grabs attention better than well designed business signage. Expertly crafted 3-dimensional signs speak volumes about a company, particularly as to its professionalism. Anyone can produce a storefront or street-view sign, but products that have been carefully engineered to stand out while at the same time blending with the surroundings are true works of art.

Signs By Van is an industry leader in the design and production of top-quality signs made from Corafoam, wood, stone, ceramic, or metal. Each sign manufactured by the company is the result of extensive architectural planning and customer consultation. From idea conception to the finished product, every sign produced is entirely customized to fit the client’s image.

Signs By Category

Signs By Van specializes in business signage. However, each type of retail merchant, service provider, or entertainment venue is unique. The idea behind custom sign manufacturing is to adequately convey the mission statement of the client as well as to give the onlooker a positive feeling about the business represented by the sign itself.

Signs By Van produces exceptionally well-designed signage for restaurants, small retail stores, hotels and motels, resorts and spas, wineries, and business parks. Whether it be a small overhead sign on the front of a chowder house, a clustered free-standing sign for a strip mall, or visitor information signage for a hot springs getaway spa, Signs By Van is ready to take the client’s idea and turn it into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind conversation piece.

From Initial Idea To Finished Product

The company creates a one-on-one relationship with the client for every sign produced. This is a necessary step in designing custom architectural work. Regardless of the fact that Signs By Van has years of experience creating visual masterpieces for just about every segment of the business industry, the most important part of the manufacturing process is to engineer a plan that captures the client’s own visualization of how to present the company he or she owns.

A representative of Signs By Van will meet with the client and get a feel for what the product should look like. Depending on the existing signs owned by the client and the materials already being used, a very simple first draft of the new signage is created, one that reflects the intended materials, colors, and textures. The final cost varies according to the client’s budget, the amount and variation of materials, and factors such as additional supplies needed to create free-standing product.

Once the colors are chosen and the materials list is finalized, the idea is taken to the drawing board. The final plan must meet with city or other local government approval as pertains to zoning regulations. The signage is then manufactured and installed on the client’s property.

Some Special Considerations

The signs displayed by a merchant or business property owner must not only be eye-catching, they must also blend naturally with the surrounding environment. In some cases, repainting or reinforcement of supporting structures may be necessary. Sometimes a bit of landscaping work helps tremendously when it comes to displaying attractive signage.

Many communities have laws regarding the number and size of commercial signage. This is especially true in multi-family residential properties, business parks, and recreation areas. Signs By Van takes these factors into consideration when planning the design of customized signs. The company takes the time to inspect the property where the signs will be displayed, checks out relevant city ordinances, and advises the client on size, shape, and color restrictions.

Special Events Artwork

One of the most creative ideas to come from the folks at Signs By Van is the newly developed line of special events artistic signs. The production possibilities are almost limitless and include professionally manufactured products for parties, weddings, and ceremonies. The company has created draft designs for cake holders, visitor directional assistance signs, table signage and number blocks, and announcement boards. Each of these can be custom-designed to blend perfectly with the background setting.

Serving All Of Northern California . . . And Beyond

Specialized business signage produced by the company can be seen all over coastal Northern California. Our service area is from Monterey/Carmel, to Salinas, Santa Cruz, Paso Robles, Morgan Hill and Hollister. Signs By Van even manufactures custom signs for clients in other parts of the country as well as overseas. If you want the very best signage made from top-quality, long-lasting materials, check out Sign’s By Vans portfolio or by visiting