Newspaper headlines are designed to get your attention. Writers choose titles that excite you enough to read the story. The story informs, entertains persuades or motivates you to take action. The sign in front of business establishment serves as a headline for your business.

What Does Your Sign Say?

Notice the difference in meaning in the following:

Signs that Leave You Guessing

Signs that give only the name of the owner attract a private clientele. A select few know that “Joe’s” is a business that isn’t open to the public. New clients receive special invitations from the owner or the existing clients. Many times the word “Club” is added to denote its privacy.

General-Information Signs

These signs display the purpose of the business. For example, “Joe’s Restaurant” informs viewers that the business serves the public, but does it have a counter for customers who want a cup of coffee.

Signs That Invite Everyone

When you read “Eat at Joe’s,” you know that everyone is welcome. Informal dress code in a noisy atmosphere is what you expect.

How Does Your Sign Say What it Says?

Words have meaning when spoken. However, the manner in which words are spoken can change the meaning completely. The same is true of words displayed on business signs. Some examples are the following:

Plain Signs

Plain signs such as those used in yard sales indicate that the products are used or of substandard quality.

Flashing Signs

Flashing signs attract more attention than plain signs. Although products and services of establishments using plain signs may excel the products and services of establishments with flashing signs, the sign invites the customer into the business.

Animated Signs

Many advertisers have learned that animated signs attract attention. However, the animation must have an appropriate message that entices customers to come in and browse through the merchandise. Animation without a message is entertaining, but it doesn’t have a call to action.

Appropriate Signs

The purpose of the business establishment dictates how a sign says what it says. For example, bars and gambling casinos need signs that attract the general public. Their signs are large, flashing animated.

Professional sign painters and designers know what your sign should say, and how it should say it. Knowledge accumulated through years of experience has given them the ability to design and create the best sign to attract your customers.

When sign designers specialize in a particular industry, their signs display an artistic excellence that makes them a cut above their completion. They have learned to create signs that say, “Come in. Try our favorite wines. You’ll love them.”